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With the big announcement that Steven Moffat is handing Doctor over to Chris Chibnall fans are already bickering back and forth about the good the bad and the ugly of the transition.

We are being told Moffat’s finale will be a ‘big event’. He’s already solved the regeneration problem, he’s already started the gender swapping, So what’s left on his to do list? What kind of ‘big event’ are we talking about? I doubt it will have anything to do with returning cast members from the shows recent or ancient past – he bloody made up a new Doctor instead of having Paul McGann star in The Day of the Doctor. Epic Fail there Mr Moffat.

If you ask me the big event will culminate in the 12th Doctor’s departure and regeneration into a woman. Missy has set it up so that audiences are comfortable with transgender Time Lords, so it seems like the most natural next step.

Therefore, let the fan casting begin! Here is my list of possible female Doctors.

sherriden smith

Sheridan Smith

The Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisp star already has a foot in the Doctor Who universe. She the voice of the 8th Doctor’s companion Lucie Miller in the Big Finish Audio Dramas of Doctor Who. Given Who’s track record of casting actors who have been involved with the show in the past why not give her a go? She could very well be the Northern Doctor to beat Chris Eccleston’s?


Sally Hawkins

This Little Britain star has been in some pretty big films over the years – LAYER CAKE, Godzilla, and Paddington. Her portfolio of work shows how versatile she is as an accomplished actor. Most importantly she has the bizarre quirkiness and charm that one would expect from a Doctor. She can do the comedy, she can do the action, and she can bring the feels. She could be the Troughton to Capaldi’s Hartnell style.

Katherine Parkinson

The IT Crowd star would finally give us a proper ginger Doctor! Though I feel the 6th Doctor was pretty damn close. She could easily bring that strong willed, no-bullshit side of the Doctor out. We know she’s witty and fun, but I could see her as a type of John Pertwee meets Colin Baker type of Doctor. She’s savvy, funny, and confident.


Amanda Abbington

The Sherlock star might just be the right kind of change for Doctor Who. Not only does Amanda have a Brilliant style but how she blends wit and strength into her characters is great. She is probably the most unlikely candidate for the role though – Doctor Who is a busy gig and she’s already got a busy life. Still, I wouldn’t mind her taking control of the TARDIS.

Ruth Wilson

Best known as Alice Morgan from the BBC hit series LUTHER, Ruth would probably be my favourite choice (next to Sally Hawkins). If you’ve seen LUTHER than you’ve seen how independent, crazy, and brilliant Ruth can be in a role. She could out master the Master in a heartbeat. If she took on the mantel of the Time Lord the universe would tremble.

WHO would you choose?

What’s important for Doctor Who, especially when it comes to casting a female Doctor, is you can’t go with a pretty face only. The Doctor has mostly been a middle-aged to older man throughout his regenerations. A female Doctor doesn’t need to be a fresh young girl with cleavage who uses her sexuality to win (looking at you River), but a strong mature woman with wits an unabashed intelligence. That is not to say these woman suggested are not pretty, they very much are, but they’re also brilliant, intelligent actors who give their all in roles.

Do you have any thoughts on what the big event will be for Moffat’s finale? Will it be a female Doctor or will it be something else entirely? Comment and share your thoughts below. We have a whole year and a bit of speculation.

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