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Symphony (or 3 + 4 = 7)

The Struggle

The violin opens the scene, everything is still unseen.

Pull back to see the landscape and two scared feet that stand amidst the rubble.

The arpeggios are growing and expanding as all is revealed.

Before these two feet lay a world of rubble

Everyone is broken, everyone in trouble.

Hear the crescendo come to its climax.

As up becomes down and love turns to hate.

Like thunder the drums roar.

The strings sing songs of those searching through the mess.

The brass and horns awake the sleeping dead.

The tension rises, the sound of strangers echo in the night.


The Death 

Everything comes to a halt in silence as love and hate meet.

Drums on two and four

Strings on one and three

The cosmic orchestrater plays this final symphony!

Stars explode, galaxies implode

Everything is spinning and dancing to the devastation of the universe!

Rocks crash like symbols, rain falls like chimes

Hear the climax of this orchestra come to an exploding close as the death of the universe is complete.



Everything is still

Everything is black.


The Birth

The violin re-opens the scene, everything remains unseen.

One beam of light flickers as the celestial violin plays the scales in majors to minors

The light brightens as the violin changes keys from A to B-minor, B-minor to G, G to D-minor.

Visibility becomes reality as the music grows with intensity!

From minor to major from major to minor she plays her song.

In a middle of this fallen universe a new Orchestra is reborn.

Drums explode to the sounds of new stars being born

Strings play to the sound of new galaxies dancing

Brass and horns sing out a new song of creation


The orchestrater, with scared hands, puts down the stick and sits on the throne to a newly restored universe. The universe plays a new song in perfect unity. A new symphony ordered by the grand orchestrater, the master, the Creator

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