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The Stone Girl

There once was girl who was made out of stone. She lived in a great castle high up and all alone.

High up in her tower the poor stone statue looked down below through her tall thin window As she did she wished to be down below and walking through the long green meadow

If only she was real and not made of stone, she thought to herself. If only she had a heart that could beat, that could pulse life through her and move her feet, instead of heart that was nothing more than a lump of stone

But there came one night, when the stars were shining all so bright, a little tiny fairy girl who was sparkling in the night light

“Your face is sad and you’re stiff as a bone,” said little fairy girl. “Would you like me to change you to real flesh and bone?”

With a wave of her wand a bright light engulfed the room and statue began to change to pale white from grey stone. Her cheeks became rosy and her eyelids began to flutter. Flakes of stone like dead skin fell and shattered on the floor. Her fingers moved, her arms stretched, and a gust of wind rushed into her new born lungs. This once frozen statue began to move and change as the stone melted like butter.

“Now you are free; free to be, to move, to roam!” said the little fairy girl. “No more will the world spin while watch all alone.

The lonely stone statue began to move. She was no longer cold, but warm, and free. She stepped off her platform, for she no longer needed to be elevated, as she was now a beautiful, tall, angelic creature made of flesh and bone. The once stone statue began to move her mouth and speak her first words, which were so fragile and pure.

“I believe, from what I’ve seen, when something kind is done to someone you say a little phrase,” she paused to think. “Thank you, yes, that is it. Thank you dear fairy for my stone heart was becoming quiet weary of being locked in this castle with no one to see me.”

“You are quiet welcome my lonely statue” said the little fairy girl. “But do heed this, you mustn’t waste this life! It is the only one you get. For if you ever stop living you’ll turn back into the lonely stone statue, forever cursed, to watch the world but never be in it.”

The no-longer-statue’s bright eyes widened.

“I will use it, my lovely fairy!” said the no-longer-stone statue, “I should never wish to be another stone statue.” With smile and nod and in a bright burst the fairy was gone with much ado.

The new born woman was no longer a statue. Now the no-longer-statue left her tall tower and thin window and wandered her castle until she found a door, which through she went out into the long green courtyard. In the courtyard she found a gate, through the gate she went. Down a road she walked. Into a town she came where  she now is wandering, living, and loving her life, and sometimes looks up at her old castle, and sees her tiny sliver of a window.

A heart once made of stone now a heart that beats bold. She is no longer alone. No, now she’s free to roam.

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