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4 min read – July 18, 2017

I’m going old school. I’m writing. Not even about a movie or tv show or book, but I’m writing a blog. About ME! Cause I’m massively narcissistic. Let’s be honest, this area of my website has been dusty, filled with cobwebs, and large black spiders. I think a few squirrels and a trash panda got in here too. Thus, I thought it was time to clean the room up, open the curtains, and let you in on the happenings of my life. Besides my social media’s don’t really allow you in. It’s just pictures. So let’s get to this letting you in bullshit.

What’s the same? I am still writing. I’m still an author. Fun fact, that’ll always be the case. How about that? I’m still reviewing, but doing them as videos. I’m still ranting on twitter and over-posting on Instagram. But to be fair my twitter rants and Instagrams are superfly. I’m still in London in an overcrowded shared flat getting by day by day. Cool caught up. BYE!


What’s changed?

In 2013 my day job, the one that barely let me pay bills and eat, was working in Recruitment. In 2015 my enthusiasm for that line of work began to nosedive when the company was bought out. I realised how hard I was working for such little return and no company satisfaction. The work pile grew, but the salary never increased. The day to day was like a crushing weight of awfulness, which ultimately led me into a depression. I hated the sleaziness and falseness of the industry, but I was stuck in the job because of VISA reasons. I wanted to leave but felt trapped and hopeless, not to mention a few change of houses that weren’t very fun at all. We all have those crazy dickhead housemates. (Fun side story – once a housemate (male) slept walk into my other housemate’s (female) room and jumped on her bed while she slept. She screamed bloody murder, he drove out the window and went running up and down the road before coming too…apparently he was having some sort of diabetic fit. It was fucked up.).

Anyway. I got to a point where I had to make a life change. I was losing my will to be creative. I was losing my will to do much of anything. At 28 you think you should have life figured out, made all the right choices and have 3 kids, but you also feel like a fool if you haven’t been ‘successful’ in these ways. You also feel like you missed your chance, whatever that ‘chance’ was. At least that’s how I felt. It’s not true in the least, but life imposes this shit on you.

But what would I do to positively change this nonsense? A passion of mine, next to writing, has always been teaching. I love teaching. Any time I got to teach and blow peoples minds with facts, I loved it. And I thought, how great would it be to combine teaching and writing? Then I thought: why the hell not? So I applied for several Creative Writing MFAs (That’s a Masters in Fine Arts) and I kicked off my studies in September 2016 after I shot up two middle fingers to one of the worst company on the planet.

At first my life felt like that Peter Parker montage in Spider-Man 2 with Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head playing over it. Then the real work kicked in and it felt like Peter Parker trying to juggled life and responsibility. But I never turned any of my lecturers into monstrous villains that I had to stop from destroying the city.

My MFA is two years, so it’ll finish in 2018. Year 1 is over, but what a year it was. Personally and professionally it was all over the place mentally and emotionally. I traded one storm for another. It was a hectic time. I began work on a project that I’ve been toying with for several years but not had the push to make it happen. I’m some 30k into that project with another 50k to go. And I’m excited for it to be done!

I came into my MFA as an already published author, but I never bragged or talked about it. I wanted to come in as a blank slate. While I ‘knew’ a lot I wanted to learn more. I did. I was fortunate enough to have some incredible lecturers who pushed me to write my best work. Even when that push was painful. The year helped to reshape me as a writer, but also as a reviewer. I’ve been able to approach my writing and my reviews in a whole new light.

I’m now working on my dissertation and I’m super blessed to be supervised by someone who works for a large publication house. That’s been a challenging and fulfilling experience to get to know them and see how they are pushing my work even farther.

I still have several huge challenges before me. I’m keen to remain in the UK. I’ve always felt very at home here. But the government isn’t too keen on immigrants. Which has posed issues regarding the second half of my studies. The UK gov wouldn’t give me a visa that would allow me to complete my full two years in the country, so come January I’ll be booted out. Yes, that’s correct, despite having a placement at a university the country will not allow one to complete said study in the country. Thanks Conservatives! However, I am always looking into options and ways to stay. But of all the times I’ve needed an option, this has never felt more doomed. But if my time in the UK is coming to a close it’s been a ride. I’m just not ready to get off the ride yet.

But these challenges aside, I’m excited to start my second year of study. Most of it will be spent writing and not in a classroom, but I will start teaching. That bit is really exciting! And will be in a classroom. I’ve also been really happy  to have joined a board on the Sherlock Holmes Society of London helping with social media as well as having been accepted as a member of the Crime Writers Association. Plus my last fiction book: Scarlet Thread of Murder is now adapted into an audiobook due to release soon! I have no idea what life will bring next or how things will work out, but I’ll be sure and let you know.

Well, that’s a blog update done. See you in 2025!

Luke K.


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