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Peaky Blinders s03e04 Review || Spoilers

4 min read – May 29, 2016

It is time for better rights for women! As the Peaky boys go out and have their fun they leave business to the women. Esme finds it hard to cope with her pregnancy, harsh working conditions, and the grim state of her family’s affairs. Arthur’s wife, Linda, is about to put a wrench in the works. But is her wrench just about converting the women? Tommy is bent on killing Father John Hughes, but when his plan to kill the priest backfires he is barely holding onto his own life, and Pol might have let more information out than she intended too.

Tommy isn’t looking good by the end of this episode. Cracked skull, internal hemorrhaging, he really is pushing his luck. But his road to this was paved with the help of Polly.

p03vlnf3A huge portion of the episode dives into the building relationship between the Princess Tatiana Petrovna and Tommy. While Tommy is waiting on her to give him permission to kill the Priest the two enter into a game of cat and mouse as she tries to understand him. She views him as royal and doesn’t understand why he doesn’t play up to his royal lifestyle, his power. Admittedly the scenes between these two are gritty and intense. Peaky Blinders has always been a show to build the tension and shock you when it concludes. But Princess Petrovna is a manipulator, and I’m surprised Tommy has allowed himself to be manipulate by her. When we learn she’s taken his car and the maid allowed it because ‘the way she said it’, you get the idea that she is too much to handle. While she seems to have genuine interest in him, she seems unstable. And she’s no Grace. We also know she’s doing the bidding of the Duchess, a greedy and disgusting woman.

Polly is haunted by her actions last season, killing Campbell at the horserace in Epsom. She exposes some of Tommy’s plans in confession, telling a priest a man of the cloth might be killed. The minster she exposes these secrets too goes to Father John and tells him what she said. Knowing the Shelby’s are after him he make sure he’s protected.

JS91109879Linda is another fickle character, and I’m suspicious of her. She’s a math whiz and she’s a decent manipulator too. She’s wrapped Arthur around her finger and she’s now trying to do the same to Tommy. When she exposes Tommy’s dodgy math, leaving Arthur with a poor percentage of the money they should earn from their robbery he is backed into a corner to agree another sum. Linda tells Tommy she wants the money for the two of them to leave for America to work as missionaries. I can’t help but wonder if Linda isn’t who she says she is. She’s successfully been able to break apart Tommy and Arthur, and Arthur has always been loyal to him. Question arises, what if she’s not truly pregnant?

Peaky-Blinders-S03E03-5e1d2bd0ee55c85007c4e4b2f3334957-thumbWhen Tommy attempts to take out Father John he is blindsided by two men who are looking out for the Father. We learn more about Father John’s role. While Tommy knew Father John was passing information to the Soviets, Father John tells Tommy that Section D have asked him to as part of a grander scheme. Now the matters are clear, while Section D want the Peaky Blinders to rob the military cars they hope the Soviets will use force to stop them. If they Soviets do this on Britain soil it will be enable them use this act to their advantage to sever military and political agendas. What Section D haven’t anticipated is Tommy telling the soviets of their plans.

I can’t say that I am loving Peaky Blinders this season, but the last two episodes have turned things around a bit more. There is still the feel that the more the Peaky Blinders push towards being in honest businessmen the less interesting they are becoming. When will the gang wars and dodgy backdoor deals come back? There was something unique about season 1 and 2 that hasn’t quite carried over to season 3 as much as I’d like.

Peaky Blinders III Ep 3I also don’t know how I feel seeing Tommy used the governments pawn. I don’t think anything will top the brilliance between the Peaky Blinders battle against other gangs and fight against Campbell. I also miss Grace and do not believe Princess Tatiana Petrovna is anywhere near as interesting. Grace has been shortchanged and is nothing more than a pretty painting on a wall now. A reminder of better times. I wanted so much more for her and I don’t think the Princess fills her shoes well at all.

I am keen to see what happens with Linda and the Peaky women. Watching them walk out of the office and attend a rally was great. We need to see more Peaky women standing up. Polly was such  force in earlier seasons and she’s been reduced to rubble lately. I never saw her as someone who would be worried over killing a man, especially Campbell. However, Polly knows she’s in for trouble when Tommy learns it was her that let it out that they were after a minister. With Section D having informants everywhere we look could Linda very well be one too? Now that everything is set up, how will the Soviets react to the oncoming robbery, how will Tommy deal with Father John, and what dastardly plans does the Duchess still have in motion.

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