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Peaky Blinders s03e03 Review || Spoilers

3 min read – May 23, 2016

Tommy has secluded himself after the murder of his wife, Grace. His mind is bent on thoughts of revenge while also trying to focus on his various missions, meanwhile the family is uneasy with him. The Peaky Blinders aren’t the family they once were and they stand on the edge about to tear themselves apart from within. Tommy sends Arthur and John to take Changretta, the man responsible for Grace’s death. Tommy wants him alive but orders them kill his wife. Before Tommy can do what needs to be done and get back to himself he sees a gypsies, Madame Boswell who tells him the jewel Grace wore was in fact cursed. Tommy gets his revenge on Changretta but also learns there is a traitor in his midst. While he continues to assist with the robbery of the armoured cars he knows someone is feeding information, and now he knows who it is.

107411Well, Grace is finally dead. That was such a disappointment, truly it was. The character needed a better death than that. Grace was far too interesting a character in season 1 to be downgraded and then popped off. I am painfully unhappy with how her character was handled in season 3, and now we won’t get any more chances to see her redeemed. I guess the good die young, even in fiction.

Aside from the ridiculousness of Grace’s death, which wasn’t even granted a funeral scene, I’d say this episode put Peaky Blinder’s back on track after two very overwhelming and slow episodes. We are back to interesting character moments and gangster activity. That’s what this show is about and it should’t lose track of that. I loved the scene where Arthur is telling the manager of the factory to find ways of sacking employees who are communists you, and they purposely leave a name off the list to test the man. It’s that kind of bullying that keep you on edge and makes this show.

There is another brilliantly intense scene with Arthur, John and Charlie where they two older are trying to show Charlie what it’s like to feel the power of holding a gun and being ready to kill with it. There is some tension between some of the Shelby boys, and I can see this empire crumbling from within. But Tommy is still aiming high, now he plans to do business with America. But what will happen with Arthur, now that his wife, Linda, is pregnant? Tommy’s “goodbye” could easily be him telling Arthur to leave the “business”, but will it come to that. Arthur is known for being the tragic case in the series, will he live to see a child or will his wife live to see them?

Pol and Ruben are growing closer, but to what end? Ruben has come clean with his intentions, to paint her then seduce her but is that really all? His character is still unclearly and mysterious. Is he partners with the Economic League or another party, or is he just there to befriend and fall in love with Pol?

This episode felt like Tommy was coming back into his own, remembering that he is a Peaky Blinder. And I like that. I needed that. I still feel season 3 is living in the shadow of 1 and 2. And with the Blinders being rich guys I’ve been less interesting in ‘rich guys doing bad things’. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Tommy let lose, and we very nearly do when he has Changretta in his grip, but he avoids getting blood on his hands when Arthur blows Changretta’s head off. There is still lots to happen with the robbery of the armoured cars, but also the fact the Priest has been exposed as a spy of some sorts. And the Economic League takes a new turn when Grand Duchess Izabella Petrofina appears to be a powerful leader within the group.

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