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Help Make Undershaw A School

2 min read – October 22, 2014


Many will likely recall the long and lengthy battle fought by the Undershaw Preservation Trust to stop the redevelopment of the building known as Undershaw, in Surrey, into townhouses. If not google it! The battle brought Sherlock Holmes fans from around the world together. It sparked countless campaigns, events and literary projects. All because of the fans love and admiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Professor Challenger and more. Part of the building’s significance is that it was designed by Sir Arthur. It was here he penned Hound of the Baskervilles and where Holmes returned from mirky depths of Reichenbach after his terrible fall with Professor Moriarty!

After all the ideas and thoughts of how to save the home and what it should become it was eventually procured by Stepping Stones with the plan to turn this home into a fully functional school for children with special needs. But hey, even this idea threw backs up and the game of tug-o-war continues!

One could look at Undershaw a sort of Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngers. It looks like this now:


And it will look like this after:


Okay not really because that’s a comic book, but the building will be restored and remain in tact with a few needed changes to the exterior primarily due to extensions. The school has to function as a school!

At the moment English Heritage are unhappy with the current plans. This objection could cause delays in the development of the school which seems rather silly. Personally the endless babble of organisations objecting to perfectly adequate plans has become quite tiresome. Nevertheless! There is hope in the dark world we live in.

Even if English Heritage have a thorn in their side one can counter their objection.

‘How can one do this?’ you ask wide eyed and piqued.

Hop over to Waverley Borough’s website and fill in an On-line Comment to support plus share the news for others to join in. I mean, are we really going to object to a school for children with special needs being built? Really?

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