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Doctor Who: Asteroid One

24 min read – December 29, 2014

The 12th Doctor In

Asteroid One 

By  Luke B Kuhns

Come and See!


“My name is Captain Ward Brady of the NX Ahab. My crew, mostly scientists who only talk about rocks, and I have been chasing an asteroid. It’s a big one. Suppose it is our very own White Whale. Except this time the whale didn’t kill us all. We hooked it, slowed it down, and climbed onto it’s back. Asteroid One Station has been successful. The crew, the first to capture an asteroid, have begun digging a series of tunnels with the aim of reaching the rocks core within two weeks of landing. These guys want to know what’s inside, and so do people with money. From the reports we should reach Asteroid One’s core in the next 72 hours. End log”  The Captain reached over and pressed a screen to stop his recording. He sighed heavily and ran his hands through his grey hair as he looked at a photograph of a beautiful woman. “I miss you, baby,” he spoke aloud running his thumb over her face.

An notification alarm sounded. “Captain, this is Lidia. We have something to show you.”

“What is it?” he asked.

“Come and see, you’ll want to.”

Captain Brady descended into the tunnels. They looked like caves, not much different to anything one might see on earth. Strung along the walls were yellow lights and on the floor a metal footpath to help keep balance. The rattle of the path meant anyone could hear you coming. “Hurry, Captain!” voices called out. He came to the end of the tunnel then descended down a ladder and through another tunnel where at the end his crew stood. They were using the latest laser tech to drill their way through. The lasers let them turn the rock to dust and a series of vents captured the dust and tossed it into open space keeping the air clean for them.

“Captain,” Lidia waved him over. “We’re not far from the core! A little while ago we ripped through a wall and found this outer ‘room’, as it were.”

“So I see,” he responded looking around. 

“Yes, we thought we were 72 hours away from the core, we are two hours away. But that’s not what I wanted you to see. Look at the walls.” They held up the lights and he saw it. The walls were covered in cryptic symbols and carving. 

“Do you recognise any of it?” he asked.

“Not a single piece,” said Erwin. “I’m no expert on ancient or alien languages, but I am on dating. These scratches are thousands, if not a couple of million years old.”

 “What does it mean?”

 “Well, Captain,” Tracy, a short curly ginger haired scientist, began snappily.  “I believe this asteroid might have been a piece of world that exploded. Say whatever this place was it was encased by something similar to lava before the planet burst; it might have sealed this chamber and it’s been flung through space for however many years.”

 “The asteroid is, or was, the fast moving asteroid recorded,” said Fi brushing her glowing auburn hair out of her soft face. Tracy rolled her eyes and looked at Lidia, her pudgy round faced companion, as she did this. “This is going to radically change the way we chase comets! If we are able to learn about dead and forgotten worlds and civilisation, this is huge! If someone can infer the existence of an atlantic from a single drop of water, imagine what we can do with giant pieces of rock!”

 “This is big, people,” Captain Brady said with has hands on his waist and nodding positively. “Keep me updated with the progress.”




There was a flurry of activity over the next few hours. The team continued to dig and pushed through. They found exactly what they did not expect. Asteroid One’s core was hollow. Instead of being filled with more rock and unknown minerals it was large round room. In the centre of the room was an erected spike. Erwin and Fi began to dissect it and chip at it while Tracy and Lidia photographed the walls and made initial scans.

Fi pressed her fingers against a groove. Erwin told her to be careful. She smiled at him. “Always am, sugar.” He smiled back. As her fingers pressed against the cold stone she felt a lip in the rock. She put her chisel to it and tapped the hammer gently down. Unexpectedly the ground vibrated knocking her and Erwin over, the others steady themselves. They picked themselves up and looked around.

 “Must be a solar wind,” said Tracy, her eyes wide.

 “Or it was asteroid?” Fi said nervously. “It happened when I tapped on the spike.”

 Tracy glared at Fi. “Come on, let’s get real here. It’s a solar wind. I’ve been out in space for fifteen years, I think I know a solar wind,” said Tracy.

 “Yeah, it’s probably just a solar wind. But let’s go back to the command centre and check,” interjected Lidia.

 “Always the wannabe peacekeeper,” Erwin mumbled under his breath. Fi heard and chuckled.

 “Excuse me?” Tracy asked sharply. “What was that?”

 “Guys,” said Fi, but no one paid her any attention.

 “Mind your own,” said Erwin.

 “Uh guys,” she said again.

 “Well, when you mumble in people’s presence it really seems like you are talking about them, so just be more careful next time,” sneered Tracy.

 “Guys!” Shouted Fi. Fi was staring at the spike, now they all gazed upon it. It was crumbling to pieces. As bits of rock began to fall something underneath was revealed. When the debris settled they saw some kind of orb. Erwin reached out to touch it.

 “Careful, you’ll break it!” shouted Lidia.

 “I’m not a child, okay?” Erwin replied.

 “Can you pick it up?” Fi asked in almost a whisper.

 “We should leave it!” said Tracy.

 “We should take it back to the command centre and study it. This is incredible,” said Erwin placing his hands on either side and with a gentle tug lifted the orb. “Surprisingly light!” Erwin said with a grin.

 “I can’t believe you brought that back here!” roared Commander Joseline. Her dark eyes burned with rage. The team stood together in the science lab looking like dogs with their tails between their legs.

 “Well, I did tell Erwin not to,” Tracy affirmed with a smirk and sarcastic nod.

 “I don’t care what you told who,” the commander said shutting Tracy up.

 “We’re all just a bit hot tempered right now, let’s just cool off,” chimed Lidia.

 “You better pray there isn’t any danger from bringing that thing on board,” said the commander cooling down. She gave them all a stern look before turning and marching out. The lab was a bright room. It was almost too bright. The dirt covered orb contrasted dramatically against the white walls and counters. Erwin and Fi stood over the orb and began to clean it.

 “Why don’t you do a test to make sure it’s not harmful?” Tracy asked.

 “Why don’t you?” returned Erwin.

 “Well, if it was my responsibility I would!”

 “Are you trying to say I don’t look after my responsibilities?”

 Tracy threw her hands up in the air, “I don’t have time for this.”

 “What? Come on, you’re happy to make snide comments at me but you aren’t big enough to deal with it when it comes back at you!”

 “You know what, I’m really sick of how you act, Erwin!” Tracy yelled storming towards him waving her hands about.

 “I’m sick of the way you act around here. It’s bloody your way or no way! You treat everyone like peons!”

 “My God! I can’t deal with you!” Tracy shouted in his face.

 “Get out of my face!” Erwin yelled  slamming his fist on a counter. The orb tumbled over shattering on the floor. Tracy leapt back and screamed..

 “You tried to attack me!” she yelled and burst into tears.

 “God! I did not!”

 “You did! Get away from me! You’re dangerous! I’m leaving. I can’t put up with this. I don’t feel safe here!” Tracy fled in tears. Lidia followed behind.

 “Well, that got out of hand quickly,” said Fi.

 “I’m sick of her behaviour. She’s so negative towards me and everyone,” said Erwin. “Pretending to be diplomatic when she’s really just  manipulating to get her way.”

 “Well, we better go see what we can do to fix this,” Fi said. “We can clean this up in a bit.” The door shut leaving the science lab in peace. The a gentle rustling came from the shattered orb. Up from the broken pieces rose a blotch of red ooze. It slowly pulled itself from the broken orb and slid across the floor until it found a vent and seeped through then vanished.



The TARDIS Gets A Message


The gentle hum of the TARDIS console reverberated throughout the control room. The Doctor stood and looked over his green chalkboard rolling a piece of chalk between his fingers while his other hand firmly grasped the top of the board. His eyebrows were bent downwards as he glared intensely at the Gallifreyan scribbles dotted about. Somewhere coordinate with crosses through them. Written in a corner was ‘Master aka Missy – complete cellular reconstruction from passing through the cracks in time and space; a rebirth of sorts’. In another corner ‘Gallifrey lost, No More?’

Letting out a growl he threw down the chalk and paced around the upper deck of the control room. Several times and went round before stopping in front of the board again. He clenched his hand and pressed his fists onto the green surface. “I know you are out there, but where?”

A sudden crash against the TARDIS’ window caused the Doctor to turn abruptly. The alarm bells sounded. Of course they would, something crashed through the window! He darted to the console to extend the air-shield around the TARDIS before running to pull whatever it was that broke his window the rest of the way through. “Suppose I should keep my shields up more often.”

It was a small capsule. Lightweight and easy to handle. He pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver. It buzzed melodically until he snapped his wrist examined the results on the screwdriver. “Okay…. okay… okay!” The Doctor said out loud walking to the console. “I space flair, an old space flair. Couple of hundred years old.” He flipped it around and saw a plug in. “Hmm, they stopped making adaptors like that ages ago. Good thing I save my adapters!” Setting the device down he ran up the steps and started fingering his books. He pulled a large book out and opened it. He reached in and yanked cord after cord before shouting with triumph when he found the right one. Like an excited boy he plugged the device in and looked at the screen. The screen was static for a moment and the Doctor gave it a helpful smack a few times. He picked up a hammer which hung along the console and used that to give it another good whack. Displayed upon the screen: Emergency Services Needed – NX Ahab In Distress. Then a video clip began to play. It was a man. “My name is Captain Brady of the NX Ahab. We are on Asteroid One. We found something, this is no ordinary asteroid. We found writings and an orb. There was something inside it. The crew is missing, there is just me and one other.” In the background of the video a horrible screech is heard. The Captain turns to look. “It took over in less than 24 hours, knocked out our systems. Killed our power. I’ve only managed to get enough to record this. I’m sending this flair not as a rescue alert, but a warning. We won’t survive the night.” The door behind him swung open. A shadowy figure stood with red eyes. “Oh God!” The video ended.

“Asteroid One…” The Doctor pressed a few buttons. “Asteroid One…” Something popped up on the screen. “Ahh! Yes, of course. First mission to capture an asteroid, stop it, and study it. Let’s see, let’s see. Mission, landing was successful. After a few weeks they lost communication and the asteroid blew up; no one knew why.” He rubbed his chin, “Well, now we know why, glowing red eye guy, but who is glowing red eye guy? Only one way to find out.” Moving the screen the Doctor pressed buttons and fired up the engines and pulled the lever. “Geronimo! Actually, I really need a new word…worry about that later.”




On Asteroid One the TARDIS materialised. Poking his head outside he saw he overshot the base by a couple of yards. The TARDIS dematerialised and rematerialised inside the base. As it reappeared it did so right in front of Commander Joseline. The Doctor stepped out and she jumped and withdrew her gun.

 “Oh, hello. I’m the Doctor, but I really don’t like talking when there’s a gun pointing at my head. Makes me jittery, and when I’m jittery I ramble, and who knows what’ll happen if I begin to ramble.”

 “Stop talking!” Joseline shouts.

 “Like I said, guns, pointing, rambling.”

 “How did you get in here?”

 “Well, I thought that was fairly obvious? I materialised in.”

 “Yes, but how?”

 “I pressed a few buttons and pop, bang, boom, pow! Materialised!” The Doctor said clapping his hands and a grin on his face.

 “From where?”

 “From outside? I thought we covered this already. Look this conversation is getting us nowhere. I am here about whatever it is you found inside the asteroid.”

 “How do you know about that?”

 “Well, if you put the gun down I might tell you.”

 “I might shoot you.”

 “Well, that won’t get you very far. If you shoot me how will you know that I know you found an orb. I’ll be dead and you’ll die wondering ‘what if I let that man with the eyebrows live…maybe I wouldn’t be DYING NOW!” She gulped hard and lowered her gun.



The Red Eye


Slouched in a chair Erwin sat and stared at the ceiling. “You okay?” Lidia asked softly.

 “No, not really. We have too much riding on this mission for someone like Tracy to be so abrasive. Can’t work with her.”

 “I just think she’s going through a lot right now. Things weren’t great for her when we left earth. I just try to not get involved. I want everyone to be happy.”

 “Yeah, things weren’t great because of herself! And you know what, you can’t make everyone happy. But don’t worry, I’m not asking you to pick a side.” Lidia shrugged and frowned.

 “Things will get better, once things cool down.” A thud pulled their attention to another side of the room.

 “What was that?” Erwin asked. They heard the thud again. He stood.

 “It came from behind that desk.” Erwin and Lidia pulled the desk out. They heard the thud again. “It’s inside the vent?”

 “Why do you sound so scared, think it’s a space-elf or something?” laughed Erwin. Lidia gave him a disapproving glare. he crept down and slowly looked into the vent. He violently jumped and fell over when something grabbed him.

 “God! Don’t do that!” He shouted. Lidia laughed. They heard the thud again and the joy stopped.

 “I’m sorry. What do you see?” He kept her in sight while he looked in the vent.

 “I don’t see…anything.”

 “Unlock the vent.” He did and pushed his face inside.

 “I still don’t see. . .Ahh!” Erwin’s body started to shake violently. Lidia jumped backed and screamed.

 “Stop it, Erwin! Stop it!”

“Ahh! Ughhh!” he groaned. As sudden as his tremors started they stopped. Lidia waited and watched his motionless body.

 “Erwin,” she said softly. He turned liked lightning. His eyes were glowing red, his blood veins pushed up. Lidia screamed and ran out the door locking it behind her. As she ran she could hear him beating on the door.


Take Me To the Orb


“You call yourself the Doctor?” Captain Brady asked the TimeLord who sat across from him in his office, Commander Joseline stood behind the Doctor with a grin.

 “Yep,” the Doctor returned. “As I already said, I’m here to help with this orb thing before you all die from…”

 “From glowing red eye guy,” finished Brady.


 “And you materialised a large blue box that says…”

 “That says police box, yes. Chameleon circuits failed me on Earth in the 1960’s, blah, blah. Do you want to die?”

 “Is that a threat?”

 “No! It’s a genuine questions. Do. You. Want. To. Die?”

 “Well, no,” returned the Captain.

 “Then bless me. Why are we sitting here and not taking me to the orb?”




The Doctor was taken to the science lab. “It’s in here,” said Commander Joseline pressing a keypad and opening the door to the lab. The three looked inside.

 “Where is it?” The Doctor asked.

 “Oh no,” Captain Brady said with a sigh. “It’s broken. Commander, get me the science team, now!”  The Doctor pulled his sonic screwdriver out to analyse the broken pieces. He picked up a bit of the broken orb and ran his finger along it before sniffing it, and Captain swore he saw the Doctor lick it.

 “Science team, to the lab, STAT!” the commanders voice rang through the audio system.

 “Oh yeah, very old. Very old indeed.”

 “How old?” the Captain asked.

 “Well, at a guess, and I rarely do that,” the Doctor paused a moment to reflect on what he said. “Well, maybe I do. I would speculate that this is trillions of years old. It’s old material, old dirt. Dirt that doesn’t exist any more. The markings on the shards are so ancient even I can’t recall them.”

 “How ancient are you?”

 “Oh, pretty ancient.”

 There was a bang on the door. They all turned. Lidia ran in with tears running down her face. The commander approached her and asked her what the problem was. “It’s Erwin. Something attacked him…glowing eyes. He’s changed!” She exploded into tears again.

 “I told you he wasn’t safe,” said Tracy walking into the lab. “He broke the orb when he tried to attack me.”

 “He attacked you too?” Captain Brady asked.

 “Yes, and I’m filing a report with the galactic police. I can’t wait til we get back to earth. I think he needs to leave the mission.”

 “Well, we don’t get what we want do we?” the Doctor said standing up.

 “Who is this?” Tracy asked.

 “He’s here to help with the broken orb,” Captain Brady said.

 “What did Erwin do?” the Doctor asked Tracy.

 “I was minding my own business when he blew up at me and tried to throw the orb. It broke and I fled for safety.”

 “Is that what happened?” the commander asked Lidia. She gave a noncommittal shrug of a response. “We’ll sort this later, where is Fi?” Lidia and Tracy hadn’t seen her since the incident.

 “Let’s go and find her,” Captain Brady said.

 “No, no. I can’t go out there. Not with Erwin like that,” said Lidia.

 “Fine, Commander, take Lidia to my office. Tracy go with her. I’ll go look for Fi. . .”

 “Will you take me to where you found the orb,” the Doctor chimed in. Captain Brady nodded. The lights in the room began to dim. “We don’t have much time.”


Save One Lose Another


The Doctor and Captain Brady descended into the tunnels. Both holding flashlights as the power had been cut. Each step was taken with ease. They did not wish to make much noise. They went down the ladder. As they approached the chamber Captain Brady turned and nodded at the Doctor before they went through.

Eyes wide, the Doctor looked around the room at the ancient and mesmerising symbols. He circled the room over and over. Brady watched the entrance, turning back every now and again to see what the Doctor was doing.

 “Anything look familiar, ancient man?” Brady asked in a low tone.

 “No, that’s not the right question. Everything looks familiar to some extent. It’s like standing at the base of a mountain one day then being a million miles away and someone showing you a rock from said mountain and being asked, ‘do this look familiar,’…” The Doctor paused. His eyes grew even wider. “I’ve been here before! Have I? Shut up, stop it.”

 “You’ve been on the asteroid before?” Brady pushed.

 “No, well maybe. I can’t remember. I’m quite old, you see.”

 “Of course. Well Ancient man, where is here then?”

 “It’s where we are now, keep up!”

 “I don’t get it. . .”

 “Pudding brains….You do get it, you just aren’t paying attention. This asteroid came from somewhere. But where?”

 “You tell me,” Brady said walking deeper into the chamber to look around.

 “I’m thinking, I’ll come back to you on that.” Thud! Thud! The Doctor and Brady stopped. Thud! Thud!

 “Something’s beating,” Brady said breaking the silence. There was a scream then sudden silence. The two stood near each other. They approached the exit slowly. A figure rushed upon them out of the darkness. “Help me!” it screamed leaping into them. Brady and the Doctor fought with the figure and tossed them aside.

 “This is Erwin!” said Brady. The Doctor scanned him with the sonic screwdriver.

 “He seems okay.”

 “Fi, it has Fi!” Erwin mumbled over and over.

 “Doctor, let’s get him back. We can regroup,” said Brady.

 One arm dangling upon the shoulder of Brady and the other on the Doctor, Erwin was taken. They hoisted him up the ladder and continued. As they walked their flashlights began to flicker. A quick shake and they’d stabilise. They’d walk a few more feet and they’d flicker again until they went out completely. The Doctor and Brady stood there in complete darkness. THUD! THUD! The noise came from behind.

 “Doctor, we need to run,” said Brady.

 “I agree.” The two men grabbed Erwin tightly and as quickly possible continued in the darkness. Something tripped them up and they fell. The Doctor reached for this Sonic Screwdriver, but it did no good. Brady screamed.

 “It has me! Something is on my leg!” The Doctor tried to help but Brady pushed him off. “Get Erwin out of here! Go, ancient man!”

 “I’m coming back for you, I promise.” The Doctor picked up Erwin and carried him away to the sounds of the assault upon Brady’s. His screams echoed through the tunnels chasing the Doctor and Erwin. There was change, his screams became cries and pleas for help until there was a moment of calm then a terrible laugh boomed in the distance. Having lives that span over two thousand years has seen many horrors, this was a moment of true horror for the Doctor, because he knew what the evil was.


What To Do Next


“Something’s wrong, something’s wrong,” repeated Lidia over.

 “Erwin probably attacked them,” Tracy said with certainty. “I did say that I didn’t feel safe around Erwin. He attacks me first and look what happens.” Lidia nodded in agreement. Commander Joseline glared at the two.

 “Suppose Fi is okay?” Lidia asked.

 “Puh!” Tracy projected with a dramatic eye roll. “She’s probably helping Erwin, those two are damn near inseparable. Always doing this and that together. Or she’s got what’s coming to her and he’s snapped on her too.”

 “Got what’s coming?” asked Commander Joseline.

 “Well, I’ve always felt unsafe around him,” Tracy said with nod. “And she’s a naive girl. Young, still needs to grow up a bit more.”

 “Sure you aren’t jealous?” Commander Joseline retorted. “Those two get on and they don’t include you in their fun and games because you seem to rag on them all the time.” Lidia’s eyes widened at the Commanders response. Tracy puckered her lips, her pale skin began to glow red with fury. She turned herself around and faced the other direction.

 “Not worth my time,” she muttered under her breath. BANG! BANG! Someone or something rapped upon the door. Lidia cowered, Tracy gasped, and Commander Joseline slowly approached.

 “Psst!! Are you in there?” came a familiar voice. Joseline opened the door. The Doctor stood with his sonic screwdriver out before him and Erwin dangling on his shoulder. The Doctor had honed in on the Captain’s office where the Commander and the others were. She helped bring Erwin into the office and laid him on a couch.

 “No! no, no, no, no! Get him out of here!” Tracy shouted waving her nimble forefinger at Erwin. Her lips started to quiver and alligator tears ran down her face. Lidia grabbed her and hugged tightly and tried to calm her. “I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel safe. I can’t, oh my, I can’t, I can’t!”

 “Tracy, you will stop this behaviour!” The Commander ordered.

 “He’s not safe, he’s not safe!” The Commander stood tall and looked at Tracy who was sobbing uncontrollably. She started to walk over but was stopped by the sound of slow clapping. The room turned and looked at the Doctor who was now leaned against the wall smacking his hands together.

 “Bravo, bra-vo!” The Doctor said sardonically. His eyes turned cold and menacing. “Call the academy, get the Bafta’s on the phone. You just gave the performance of a lifetime.”

 “I don’t trust him either,” Tracy said pointing to the Doctor.

 “Oh! You don’t trust the one and only person who has the ability to keep your miserable heart beating?” He reached into his pocket. “Why don’t you take one of these, Doctor’s orders.” He extended his hand, palm open. There was a little white pill in it.

 “Wha…whaa…is that?”

 The Doctor leaned close to Tracy’s ear and whispered, “It’s a chill pill.” She pulled back and struck his hand tossing the pill across the room. “That was my last one! If I knew you were going to knock it on the floor I’d have had that myself!”

 “Get him away from me! He’s going to hurt me!” she shouted.

 “You know what you are,” the Doctor said, his voice sounding firm. Tracy sat up straight and look him in the eyes. “You are a bully. Plain and simple. And you know what I do? I bully bullies. You scream and cry with panic as if he’s charged in the room and attacked you on his own. Maybe I’m remembering things wrong, but I thought I carried him here!”

 “I’m an officer on this ship, one who has been violently attacked! I am well within my right to have distance from Erwin!”

 “He’s near death on a couch and nowhere near you! The only thing you have a right to at the very moment is the right to shut up!” Tracy started at the Doctor. His eye were piercing as they looked back at her. “And let me tell you, the very last person to be saved, if they get saved at all, is always the bully.” Tracy had stopped crying and gulped. She broke from Lidia’s grasp, pushed the Doctor aside and ran out the door. The Commander and Lidia called for he but she did not respond. “Let her go, she’s a waste of time.”

 “Why all the shouting?” said Erwin waking. The commander put hand towards Tracy who stopped talking finally.

 “How are you feeling, what happened?” Commander Joseline asked. The Doctor and Lidia came and stood over him.

 “I’m fine, I suppose. All I remember, I was with Lidia when we heard a noise in the vent. I checked it and something…something attacked me. Something red.”

 “Was your own rage,” murmured Tracy. The Doctor and Commander Josline shot a mean stare her way.

 “What happened in the lab?” Commander Joseline pressed. Erwin sat up and his face grew tense.

 “Tracy. She kept nagging me. She wouldn’t shut up.”

 “Did you attack her?”

 “Attack her? God, no!” Erwin said with a look of surprised. “Lidia was there she can tell you! I got angry and hit the table, the orb wobbled and crashed on the floor.”

 “Lidia?” the Commander turned towards her.

 “Lidia?” Erwin asked, “you didn’t tell them? Let me guess, you stuck up for Tracy because you didn’t want to upset anyone! Didn’t you?” He shouted. Lidia didn’t say anything. “How far would you have let her lies go?”

 “She’s not worth your time,” The Doctor said. “Neither is Tracy.”

 Erwin’s face burned with anger. “I thought you were my friend, you’re a fool.” The lights in the room flickered and went dark. Red emergency lights kicked on.

 “We are on backup energy,” Commander Joseline said.

 “Erwin, I. . .” Lidia was cut off when he held his hand up at her.

 “Where is Fi?” Erwin asked.

 “And where is Brady?” The Commander asked.

 “Gone, taken. Presumably by this monster,” said the Doctor.

 “Monster? Doctor, tell me what’s happening,” the commander pleaded.

 “What can you remember,” the Doctor asked Erwin. “After you were attacked.”

 Erwin paused a moment while he tried to remember, the pain on his face as he did so was infecting. “I felt like my soul was being taken, slowly. Like a leech sucks blood, so my soul was. I felt anger, bitter, full of rage and obsession. It continually increased inside me. It was like all goodness had vanished.” The Doctor stood stone faced in thought.

 “I know where we are!” The Doctor’s eyebrows rose.

 “Where are we?” Erwin asked.

 “Zii’Chron,” The Doctor said with intense certainty. “It’s the remains of an exploded planet! A planet so old time has nearly forgotten it.  Zii’Chron was there from the very start of time and space. One of the original eight. But this particular planet was rumoured to be the birthplace unique and terrible evils.  Seven of these planets were said to be full of life and joy and prosperous. But this one was barren, waste, a planet of pure evil. When the planet exploded pieces of it fell into the other seven and that’s how evil escaped into the universe. They say most of the great evils were stopped and destroyed, but one was never accounted for. If one was contained in the form of an asteroid and hurdling through space it was only a matter of time before it awoke. And that’s what you all did, you awoke it.

 “Sounds like a fairytale,” sneered Tracy.

 “They are truer than you think,” the Doctor returned. “You travelled here on a ship called the Ahab and called the Asteroid your own White whale. We are living out fairytales of our own.”

 “Let’s get back to the point,” interjected commander Joseline. “What can this evil do?”

 “Oh well, it seeps into the very essence of someone and drives them by their darkness.” The Doctor paused, the entire room looked at him for the answer to their rescue, but hope, for those in the group who still believed in that sort of thing, felt a like a distant memory. “If any evil like this was loosed, it would send the universe into a downward spiral. Far darker than the Daleks, the Master, than anything I’ve come in contact with!”

 “That’s what took me over?” Erwin asked. The Doctor nodded. “Why did it let me go?”

 “Because this evil feeds on the darkness. The darker the heart the more there is to feed on. If all the darkness is drained it moves on. Like taking the last sips from a glass, when it’s done you move on. That’s what it did. It will soon learn that it doesn’t have much time before your bodies whither and die naturally and it’ll be forced to lie dormant until more people arrive or it’ll realise it needs to get off the asteroid.”

“What can we do to save Asteroid One?” Commander Joseline asked.

 “Asteroid One is lost. All we can do is destroy it before it kills us or has the chance of escaping into the universe, I can see why you imploded it the first time.”

 “First time? You say this like you saw it before.” Josline asked.

 “First time?” The Doctor replied confused. He shook his head. “Ignore me, it’s all wobbly now. We don’t much time!”

 “How do we destroy the evil?” Lidia asked.

 The Doctor’s eye lit up before he spoke. He grinned and said, “We throw the asteroid into a blue sun!”



Preparing The Asteroid


The Doctor and the others managed to get to Asteroid One’s control room with ease. Using equipment from his TARDIS they to rigged the asteroid so that it could be steered from inside the TARDIS. Back in Asteroid One’s control room The Doctor stood over the control panel. He was tinkering with an odd, round, looking device. Commander Joseline came and stood by him. “What about the others?” she asked.

 “What others?” he asked.

 “Brady, Fi, even the worm Tracy.”

 “Once we get the asteroid moving I’ll go looking for them. If we find them before the asteroid is thrown into the sun than great. If not they are casualties of war.”

 “You don’t mean that,” said Joseline. The Doctor turned and looked at her. “I’ve seen my share of war heroes and battles. I’ve seen cold leaders. Ruthless ones.You act old, and tough, and angry. That’s not who you are, Doctor.”

 “And how do you know who I am?” he asked.

 “Because you’re here now, trying to save us. You could have let us all die. Thrown us all into a blue sun. Or we could have got into your blue box there and materialised away. But we didn’t, you didn’t.” He looked at her. “I know a good man when I see one.” The Doctor flicked a switch on the gizmo in his and. The round object stuttered and fell to the floor. “What is that?”

 “It’s what I’m going to use to find the others. A sensor.” Joseline smiled that the Doctor and put her hand on his shoulder.

 “A very good man.” They looked at each other a moment. “Right, Doctor,” she said loudly, Erwin and Lidia perked up. “Tell us the plan now.”

 “Erwin, you and I will go below and look for the others. Commander I will leave you to steer the asteroid. We have communicators to keep in touch. We will have thirty minutes before the asteroid is thrown into the blue sun. I have two transporting devices that we will use to get back to the TARDIS.”

 “What can I do?” Lidia asked.

 “You can stand there,” the Doctor said. Lidia crossed her arms and sulked.

 “Let’s go save our friends,” said Erwin looking at Lidia.



Final Descent


From inside the TARDIS Commander Joseline began pressing buttons on a pad the Doctor had rigged up. The TARDIS dematerialised and reappeared a couple of hundred yards above the asteroid. On the screen they could see their command centre. She pressed a few more buttons and the asteroid began to move and they slowly followed behind.

 “We’re moving, Doctor,” came the voice of Commander Joseline over his radio.

 “Erwin and I are going down. We’ll see you soon,” he replied. The round sensor rolled before them blinking.

 The two searched the tunnels but were finding no sign of anyone. five minutes had gone by, nothing. Ten minutes, nothing.

 “What if we don’t find them?” Erwin asked.

 “I didn’t plan for that,” The Doctor admitted.

 “Help me!” came a gasping cry in the distance. The sensor began blinking more excitedly.

 “There’s something down there,” said Erwin. They ran and came into a new chamber. In the centre of the room was a red glowing blob. Stuck to the walls hung Captain Brady and Fi. Erwin ran over to Fi and tried to check her vital. The moment he touched her skin he was thrown back. The Doctor watched in shock as his body hurled back.

 “You okay?” he asked running up to him.

 “Has the Doctor come out to play?” He turned, Tracy stood behind him. Her eyes were closed.

 “What are you doing?” The Doctor asked. She opened her eyes and they glowed red. “Ah, so you’re the glowing red eye guy! Except you’re a red eye lady! In my defence the video was static-y.” She moved her hand and the Doctor flew back. “Ooh ouch…why all the throwing.”

 “I bully bullies.”

 “Let Tracy go!” The Doctor ordered.

 “I am Tracy. I am finally free.”

 “You’ve been taken over!”

 “No, I’ve embraced the change.”

 “You won’t win.”

 “I always win, Doctor.” Erwin stirred on the floor. She waved her hand over him and his body firmed. A mist began to seep out of his body. “I fed on him, he’s got a few more dark patches. Yes, good.” The Doctor stood up. He looked down and by his feet was the round sensor.

 “You know what I don’t like about bullies?” he asked. Tracy fixed her red eyes on him. “They only act tough when they are in open territory. Back them into a corner and they cower, cry, and beg for mercy. But also, if you swing at them first they don’t swing back, they run.” The Doctor kicked the sensor into the air and caught with his hands. She moved a little, then the Doctor threw the sensor which hit her in the face. She screamed and fell over whimpering. Holding his sonic screwdriver in his hand he pointed it at her and walked over to her. She held her hands up and waved them in front of her face.

 “No, no, no. Please no!” Erwin woke.


 “Erwin, get the Captain and Fi out of here,” he ordered. Erwin and over and began freeing them.

 “Please Doctor,” Tracy pleaded. “Please.”

 “You are an embarrassment,” the Doctor said. “You pick on people, you nag and push them over the limits until you get your way. You take no responsibility for anything you do. But like I said, I bully bullies.”

 “Doctor, we are here,” Commander Joseline’s voice said over the radio.

 “Where are we?” Tracy asked whimpering.

 “A blue star.” Her eyes widened. “Leave Erwin,” the Doctor said.

 “What about you?” he asked.

 “Just go.” Erwin pressed the transport button and he and the unconscious bodies of Brady and Fi vanished.

 The Doctor kneeled down and pushed the sonic screwdriver into Tracy’s face. “And you know the most funny thing about this all is,” she shook her head. “This thing here,” the Doctor looked at the screwdriver, “isn’t even a weapon. It’s a screwdriver!” The Doctor erupted into laughter and walked away from Tracy. She scooted back and against a wall. Her eyes became a more intense red. “Yes, make your eyes more red. It’s not going to scare me. Like I said, the bully is saved last if saved at all.” The Doctor clicked his screwdriver and Tracy squirmed and screamed in anger. “Let’s see your true form.“ She began pulling her hair out of her head. Her body began pop and sink. After a moment she was a shrivelled mess of her former self.

 “I will kill you Doctor!”

 “You don’t have any power. You will harm people no more.” She jumped up and as she did so the Doctor motioned towards her. She let out a cry of fear and fell back into the wall crying. “Embarrassing.” The Doctor pressed his transport button and vanished leaving what was left of Tracy and the evil which had consumed her behind. When the Doctor was back aboard the TARDIS he watched as the asteroid fell violently into the blue sun and burned up.

 “Where is Tracy?” Commander Joseline asked. The Doctor didn’t need to say anything. She just nodded at him.


A New Day


Fi woke and was overjoyed to see Erwin alive and well. Commander Joseline shook Captain Brady’s hand when he woke and they two smiled and nodded at one another. Lidia sat on her own in a corner. The Doctor was thanked by all except Lidia. He offered to take the crew of the NX Ahab anywhere in time and space, but all of them just wanted to go home.

 “Goodbye, ancient man,” said Captain Brady. “Thank you for coming back for me.” The Doctor nodded and he stepped out of the TARDIS door and out into a bright sunny day on earth.

 “Bye, Doctor,” Fi and Erwin said following. Quietly and with no sound Lidia rushed past the Doctor, but he reached out and grabbed her arm. She turned and looked at him. “Don’t be a follower,” was all he said and she ran out.

 “Well, Doctor,” Commander Joseline said, “this is some blue box you got here.”

 “She’s not half bad,” he said with a smile.

 “So is this what you do then, fly around time and space saving people?”

 “I go where I go when I go and see what happens.”

 “I saw the message. The space flare. Thank you for coming back and saving us, Doctor. For giving us another chance at life, to be better people and learn from this.” She touched the Doctor’s arm then he was pulled in and hugged.

 “I really don’t like hugging.” This only caused her to hug him tighter. “Oh, oh, okay, okay…”

 “You’re not a bully,” she whispered in his ear. “You’re a good man.” She let go and wiping a tear from her cheek walked out of the TARDIS. The Doctor snapped his fingers and closed the door. The crew of the NX Ahab watched as the TARDIS vanished to go find another adventure somewhere else.

 The End

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