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Professional Human

Between the Lines

If you look close enough you’ll see my secrets

If you say the right word I’ll unfold before you

Can you see between the lines of conversation?

Did you catch what I said?

Pay attention, or all this will be for nothing

Keep your eyes open, Don’t cover your ears

I want you to see me, I want you to hear me

We are surrounded by a world of ignorance

Don’t be the fool and fall in ignorance with me

Between the lines, so much is said, don’t play dead

Happiness will always pass, but joy we’ll never lose

I hesitate to speak, trapped in a world of seekers

There’s a fire between us, Don’t let it separate us

Reach in and I’ll pull you through

If you’re afraid, it’s okay If you’re unsure, I am too

But life is nothing if risk isn’t involved

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