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Plot: The Agents plan to destroy the entrance to the hidden city. If that means leaving Mack they will. Trip, Fitz, and Simmons go down into the temple with protective gear to plant explosives. May, Coulson, Hunter and Morse plan to take Hydra down and stop Whitehall while also rescuing Skye. Skye, who was taken by Ward in the last episode, is brought to her father. She learns about her father, Cal, and her mother, and that it was Shield who took her mum and not HYDRA. Whitehall questions Ward’s reasons for bringing Skye and not destroying the ‘bus’. He smells some rats and locks Ward, Skye and Cal up, but not before forcing Skye to hold the diviner. It glows in her hand but nothing more.

e533d0b7bdb54aebcaf4a82887c3783fWhen Coulson and his team storm Hydra’s location to save Skye all hell breaks loose. Cal goes after Whitehall but as he prepares to kill him Coulson fires and kills Whitehall. Skye shoots Ward and Agents 33 is freed of the mind control. Skye finds her father Cal beating Coulson to death. When he escapes Skye decides the only way to end this is to go into the hidden city with the diviner, but Raina has already taken it. Skye chases after her and Coulson after Skye. Raina and Skye find their way to a chamber and the diviner is placed on a pedestal. The walls of the chamber close in, not before Trip slips in to save Skye, but the walls close before they can escape. Trip attacks the diviner and is stabbed by it, the three exposed to a case then encased by stone. Raina and Skye’s casing beings to break but Trip crumbles to ashes. The city begins to shake as if it will fall apart potentially killing everyone. How will our heroes get out of this? How has the casing effected Raina? We’ll find out March 3rd!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 08.58.41This first half of the season has teased a lot about what is to come and confirmed things we’ve waited to hear. We know the blue guy from season 1 is a Kree, the antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy. We’ve seen bits and pieces of Agent Carter’s past and the founding of SHIELD. The way everything looks it certainly feels like we are getting closer and closer to the Age of Ultron and the introduction to Marvel’s 2018 release, The Inhumans.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 08.57.52

We know who Skye is, we know who her father is. Well, we vaguely know. Her name is Daisy. Aka Daisy Johnson or otherwise known in the comics as Quake who’s father is Calvin Zabo aka the villainous Mr Hyde. Skye’s mother was clearly an Inhuman. From the comics the Inhumans descend humans who were experimented on by the Kree with Terrigen Mist. So what was the chamber Skye and Raina were in? Was it a laboratory? No matter as the mist has done it’s job and Agents of SHIELD has set Skye up as Quake. How will this revelation affect the rest of the season? The Inhuman’s film doesn’t come out until 2018, will we be seeing a whole bunch of ‘miracles’ between now and then throughout the MCU?

There has been a lot of setup in this season that impacts the entire MCU. I am glad for this. Before when they had their Thor/Agents of SHIELD cross over it felt like the films were the real deal and this was the stepchild who sometimes gets to play, but isn’t much fun. However, things turned upside-down with the Winter Solider crossover, and now Agents of Shield is not just filling the gaps between films but paving the way for certain storylines making the show an important factor for the MCU. It took them a while but they got there. Now we wait until March for the rest, but we have Agent Carter in January!

What do you think of Agents of Shield, Skye’s identity and the birth of the Inhumans? Comment and share your thoughts below.

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