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Agent Carter s01e1&2 Review

4 min read – January 10, 2015

Agent Carter kicks off right before Captain America plunges into the icy waters  at the end of First Avenger. We see where Peggy Carter is and how she’s getting on post-war. Like many women their ‘usefulness’ is limited and it’s back to being a man’s world. She’s no longer the high-profile government official and is being treated as nothing more than a secretary.

Following the events of Captain America: The First Avenger and the end of the war some of Howard Stark’s technology has leaked. Is Howard selling to other countries or is something else going on? In a dark alley Peggy is met by Howard who tells her that his inventions or ‘bad babies’ were stolen and he’s trying to get them back before bad things start happening. 1200.2x1He enlists Agent Carter to help find them. While Stark plans to go overseas she will stay and hunt down his stolen tech that hasn’t left American shores…yet. Stark insists that his butler, Jarvis, be at Carter’s beckon call.

As she goes on the hunt for a special formula she soon learns it has already been weaponized. Time is of the essence as she works to locate where the weapons are manufactured. The laboratory is destroyed but not before a truckload of weapons escapes.

Now she needs to find the truck and learn where Stark’s other weapons are being kept. While she is able to find the truck and do away with the weapons she is not able to do so before learning where Starks other Bad Babies are. She does learn that something called Leviathan is coming, but what that is remains unknown.

Agent Carter kicks off with a smashing start. With hints and teases dotted throughout Agents of Shield plus the thrilling Marvel One Shot on Iron Man 3 there has been a much anticipation building  for the show.


The first two episode show that Agent Carter is a fun and interesting character who is able to carry the series.  While she’s battling the social norms of her time that could hold her back as a Government Agent, she’s a kick-ass spy/action heroine. It was great fun seeing Howard Start make a reprise in the MCU. It would be great to see him come and go more in the coming season(s) and potentially see a young Tony, if the show can get that far! It was even more fun to see him with the ‘real-life’ Jarvis. Jarvis was Tony’s butler in the comic book but was remade as an artificial intelligence.  Having the flesh and blood Jarvis makes me keen to see how Tony chose to create his own AI version. Jarvis is proving to be another fun and interesting character. How he manages the double life of mild-mannered butler who needs to get things done and the accomplice to Agent Carter, and Howard, is quite entertaining.

Agent_CarterAgent Carter managed to do what Agents of Shield couldn’t do with their first episode, and that was captivate me. This has all the trimmings of a great 1940’s pulp spy thrillers. The cheesy sexist male agents, the tough skinned female agent, who thankfully doesn’t do the bulk of the work and then get saved by a the men, and a fun partnership. The show blends this all together in a fun and interesting way. While there is some cliché characters and moments within the two part premiere there is clear avenues for character growth. I was impressed with how much action was in these first two episodes. These sequences were fast paced, well done and exciting. I just hope all the fun action goes beyond these first two episodes. Agent Carter definitely compliments the MCU nicely. Hayley Atwell is brilliant and her character is a lot of fun. It will be great to see how her character develops and links to the finding of Shield. There is a lot of potential here and I hope it’s utilised.

And is it just me or do we have a Micky Mouse Easter Egg?

agent carter micky easter egg

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