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Ripper Street s05e01 Closed Casket || Review

1 min read – October 20, 2016

Drake is dead and Reid, Captain Jackson, and Susan are on the run! Augustus Dove is doing whatever he can to ensure his murderous brother is kept secret.

Ripper Street returns to Amazon Prime! Come with me on this dark and lonely road as I review each episode.



THE FLASH s03e02 Paradox Review || Spoilers

1 min read – October 15, 2016

We’re talking about The Flash s3e2! Barry has to deal with the effects of time travel, and the painful costs for many of his close friends…But should he change time again? We discuss it. Plus the two new villains!

Luke Cage || Full Series Review

1 min read – October 9, 2016

Sweet Christmas! Luke Cage isn’t the hero we asked for, but he’s the hero we need. Marvel’s latest tackles deep political and social topics. It’s also a damn great show. So let’s dive in.